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Agency Performance Tracker™ has been uniquely designed with busy Marketers in mind

Low Cost Access

You only pay for what you use. There’s no cost to get set-up and it costs from as little as USD2,500 for an annual licence fee to review your Agency on a quarterly basis.

Simple Set-Up

Your local Observatory International advisor will help get you setup and running, with your agency’s details, your team details and the key performance criteria you want to track.

Easy Polling

Using pre-designed email templates, you can simply survey your team members on current performance across key areas such as Team, Strategy, Deliverables and day to day Operations.

Visual Results

Within 24 hours, you can receive the results of your survey, as well as trend analysis against our Global Database. You can also click through to your own tailored dashboard for benchmark analysis and comparisons by geography and agency type.

Stay on top of your Agencies' performance

For more information on Agency Tracker Performance, to arrange an introductory briefing or to get answers to key questions you may have ...

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